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- September 2014: Lab received the MSU President's Research Award for "Interdisciplinary investigation of the neural basis of mental illness" in collaboration with Lefcort, Gray and Nategh' s lab.
- July 2014: Lab received NSF founding for " Determining the neurons and neuromodulatory pathways underlying the prefrontal control of visual signals"
 - April 2014: Read our recent review about the role of prefrontal  catecholamines in attention and working memory.- March 2014: Recently published paper in Nature shows the neural evidence for the compression of visual space before eye movements.
- March 2014: Our recent paper published in Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience is now available.
- February 2014: See our paper in Journal of Neuroscience.
- December 2014Lab storage server (ATTENTIONAS) is now accessible through the internet.
- October 2014: Elizabeth Nesbitt, Drew Millegon and Renee Orie joined the Lab as undergraduate students.


A major challenge in studying the cognitive functions of the nervous system is to understand the neuronal basis and the circuitry underlying these complex operations. Deficits in many cognitive functions such as attention and working memory are observed in mental disorders such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism, and schizophrenia. To date, the level of detail at which neurobiologists can describe the chain of events giving rise to cognitive functions is very rudimentary. Much of the intense interest in understanding cognitive functions is motivated by the hope that it might be possible to understand these complex functions at the level of neurons and neural circuits. Our research is focused precisely on understanding the neural circuits and biological mechanisms that are necessary and sufficient to drive fundamental cognitive functions.  

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